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10: The Iraqi Table and Parsi Wedding Fish

Posted on January 23, 2018 |

An Iraqi Lunch Feast with Raghad Safi

Iraqi cookbook author prepares a delicious feast that brings alive the recipes from her book, The Iraqi Table. Grab your copy of her book at, Kinokuniya or Amazon.

Market Munchies

14-year Dubai resident Lauren shares his inspiration on giant beetroots from the Farmer’s Market in Bay Avenue, Business Bay. Click here to find the market on Google Maps. Instagram: @farmersmarketme.

Parsi Patrani Macchi at Kebab Bistro, Karama

Vistas and Oofrish Contractor, owners of Kebab Bistro, on the history of the Parsi community and the special fish steamed in banana leaves that is served at weddings. You may find the location on Google maps by clicking here or call them at +971-4-327-1211.

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