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#Sufra: Season 1 Programme 2018-2019

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Silk Road or Stalin?

~ 6th October 2018 ~

Uncover the surprising links between Korean and Uzbek cuisines at two Barsha restaurants that serve everything from Kimchi to Kuksu.


Bengali Mamma’s Brunch Feast

~ 13th October 2018 ~

Learn secret recipes and culinary traditions from a Bengali gastronome as she whips up a festive brunch to celebrate the Durgotsav festival.


Bombay Burger Battle

~ 27th October 2018 ~

Judge 5 candidates for Mumbai’s street-style chubby potato and chutney sliders, on a critical taste-off through Meena Bazaar’s bylanes.


No Cutlery Please!

~ 13th November 2018 ~

Roll up your sleeves in the alleys of Karama to compare three cutlery-free meals across India, Ethiopia and Sudan for Dubai Design Week.


Tales of Gahwa

~ 24th November 2018 ~

Venture out to listen to Madam Ghaya Al Dhaheri, an Emirati storyteller recount the history of Gahwa and life in the oasis.


National Day Food and History Crawl

~ 8th December 2018 ~

Play “Find the Flag” through historic Deira as we celebrate the stories of an ambitious city with humble beginnings.

The Shawarma Showdown

~ 19th January 2019 ~

Judge five versions of the Middle East’s most ubiquitous carnivorous wrap on a decisive taste-off across Deira.


For the Love of Noodles

~ 19th January 2019 ~

Slurp on silky noodles in Dubai’s unofficial Chinatown located in International City.


The Global Village Banquet

~ 12th February 2019 ~

Glean gastronomic tips from the Frying Pan Adventures crew on a Global Village dining adventure.


The Syrian Table, Sharjah

~ 23rd February 2019 ~

Journey out to Sharjah’s Little Aleppo to pull up a chair at the Syrian dining table.

MARCH 2019

Navruz: The Bounty of Spring

~ 16th March 2019 ~

Embrace the spirit of renewal embodied in the traditions of this ancient, spring-time New Year festival.

MARCH 2019

The Good Food Fight

~ 23rd March 2019 ~

Join the movement to fight food waste as we draw inspiration from the techniques and practices of restaurants in a New Dubai neighbourhood.

MARCH 2018

Silk Road or Stalin?

~ 26th March 2019 ~

Uncover the surprising links between Korean and Uzbek cuisines at two Barsha restaurants that serve everything from Kimchi to Kuksu.

APRIL 2019

Depths of Dibba

~ 20th April 2019 ~

Explore the cool waters of Dibba for the first ever farmed oysters of the region.


Iftar in Satwa

~ 14th, 21st and 25th May and 2nd June 2019 ~

Break your fast with our favourite Ramadan comfort foods as well as some of our new delicious discoveries in Satwa.