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Please read about our updated schedule of tours and policies given the current health concerns around coronavirus.

Cure the lockdown blues for yourself or a loved one with a delicious "hug-in-a-box" while supporting a small local vendor during COVID-19.

  • Gift yourself or someone you've missed seeing during the lockdown a contactless edible "hug-in-a-box!"
  • Your edible hug will contain fresh Sangak bread made over stones and our favourite life-sustaining nutty trail mix!
  • Support Mr Reza's Persian shop in Deira, a small treasure trove of nuts, teas and sweets that's struggling during the COVID-19 crisis.
  • Enjoy the "Frying Pan experience" in your home—we'll include our personalized tips on the goodies in your box!
  • Choose from 3 boxes that we've curated based on your mood: Movie Munchies, Keep Calm and The Epicurean. We now also have a Ramadan box!

Deliveries on Mondays & Thursdays, select your date during purchase.

Deliveries take place between 12:00PM and 8:00PM

We'll call you to confirm a delivery slot on Wednesday April 15th

Delivery Contact Person: Mr. Reza himself! 055-103-2221

Please be patient with us as we try to iron out the logistics of getting your box to you or the lucky person you’re gifting it to! It is a challenging time so we’re asking for your forgiveness in advance for any hiccups. We promise to do our best to make your edible hug-in-a-box as smooth and seamless as possible.

Contactless Delivery Promise: Every box is carefully packed keeping in mind all current safety hygiene requirements. From the point of picking the items to packaging and delivery to your doorstep, every team member will be wearing gloves and a face mask. In addition, every team member has been provided with hand sanitizer for their personal use.


4 Theme Options for your Hug-in-a-Box

Select from 4 themed boxes that our team at Frying Pan Adventures has lovingly curated to match your moods:

  • RAMADAN SPECIAL: A limited-edition seasonal box to gift during Ramadan or to add a touch of the exotic to your own iftars and suhoors.
  • MOVIE MUNCHIES: Our tried and tested snacks will be your best friends during your next Netflix marathon.
  • KEEP CALM: Calming Iranian brews and snack pairings to ease your anxious soul during these troubling times.
  • THE EPICUREAN: Mr. Reza’s choicest selections for the passionate cook who enjoys experimenting with high-quality ingredients.


Every Hug-in-a-Box Includes


In Addition, Your Box Will Be Customized to Your Selected “Hug-in-Box Theme”

Disclaimer: The actual items included in the box may differ slightly from the photographs below. Our team wasn’t able to complete photographing everything as the full lockdown was put in place by the government as we were planning out our boxes!

The Ramadan Box


A limited-edition seasonal box to gift during Ramadan or to add a touch of the exotic to your own iftars and suhoors.

  • Rutab dates (refrigerate!): From the historic city of Bam, a UNESCO World Heritage site that dates back to over 2,300 years ago. Best enjoyed in their fresh toffee-like rutab (rather than dried tamr) stage, try these plain or drizzled with tahini.
  • Zereshk berries: Caramelize with butter and sugar and sprinkle over rice for a ruby-studded pilaf. Or toss them into any salad for a bright, tart zing!
  • Mixed blossom honey: Twirl over sangak smeared with Iranian cheese and sprinkled with habbat as sawda (nigella seeds)—seeds that the Prophet (PBUH) claimed were the cure to everything except death.
  • Iranian cheese: The traditional partner for your sangak. Pair with soaked walnuts, radish slices and fresh herbs like mint, rayhaan (type of basil) and rocket leaves.
  • Mint doogh: Minty buttermilk—a fantastic electrolyte-replenishing thirst quencher!
  • Carrot jam: Dollop over toast or pancakes with cream cheese and crushed walnuts.
  • Loose-leaf black tea with cardamom and saffron: Mr. Reza insists you need to brew this invigorating infusion for suhoor. Try it iced as well!
  • Basil seeds: Swell like chia seeds when soaked in water. Perfect for suhoor because they retain water and keep you hydrated for a longer time. Add into a refreshing Indian gud ka paani (jaggery lemonade) or saffron-rosewater milk drink.
  • Rosewater: This rosewater has been extracted using a double-distillation method (hence ‘thick’ rosewater) in the breathtakingly beautiful Iranian city of Kashan.
  • Saffron syrup: Your motivation to make the ordinary exotic. Trickle into an icy cool sherbet with rosewater, soaked basil seeds and a touch of lime. Or mango lassi.
  • Apricot fruit and leather: Soak and enjoy as a juicy snack or boil down into a compote. Rehydrate the leather and blend into ‘qamardeen,’ a velvety Middle Eastern Ramadan drink.
  • Neghin (aka “gem quality”) saffron: The most expensive spice in the world, use it to give heaps of aroma and flavour to your stews, pilafs and desserts.


Our tried and tested snacks will be your best friends during your next Netflix marathon.

  • Cheese puffs: Puffs coated in the most addictive, powdery cheese that sticks to your fingers (and thankfully, no one’s watching to judge you at home when you lick your cheese-powdered fingers clean.)
  • Shirini moraba (200g): Saffron butter cookies stuffed with jam and dusted with pistachios.
  • Chocolate-filled mini cones: Warning! You will not be able to practice any self control with these. These are chocolate-filled baby cones that come in different flavours. Our favourites are the popping candy and the sohan (saffron brittle candy) flavours
  • Lavashak, persian fruit roll: A childhood candy for those growing up in the UAE and Iran, this is a painstaking process of blitzing sour plums or peaches, cooking them into a paste and drying the mixture in the sun. The result, sweet, tart, chewy candy!
  • Persian fairy floss: Pashmak, which in Persian means ‘like wool,’ is a melt-in-your mouth cotton candy made from sugar and sesame seeds. Labour intensive, pulled and stretched, and twisted into little morsels, the name fairy floss is so apt. We recommend you top your cupcakes or dessert with it or simply just have it on its own.
  • Bamiyeh (300g): Think Persian-style churros flavoured with saffron and wonderful for pairing with your tea or hot chocolate. They’re named after “okra” which makes these deep-fried treats healthy, right?
  • Sohan, saffron-infused brittle candy: From the Iranian city of Esfahan, this brittle-like toffee is made with sugar, oil, saffron and nuts. We love the idea of breaking it into tinier shards and topping an iced cake or ice cream with it!


Keep Calm Box


This box is meant to bring the collective power of calming Iranian brews to ease your anxious soul during these troubling times.

  • Spiced tea: Iranians are among the largest tea drinkers in the world and they are known for using the power of brewed concoctions to heal their minds and their bodies. Choose from a range of infusions including saffron, rose-cardamom and thyme.
  • Rose buds: Drink these with your next tea infusion or decorate your desserts with them. Or as our guide Stephanie suggests on our podcast episode, add them to a box of sugar to infuse the sugar with their scent and use for your baking or teas. For more ideas, tune in to the “Spices Resurrected” episode on the Deep Fried Podcast.
  • Nabatieh: The perfect tea pairing. Old school Iranians don’t mix sugar in the tea while brewing it. Traditionally they would dip a small sugar block into the tea, hold it between their teeth and drink the tea over it. Another way of doing this is by stirring saffron or plain nabatieh crystal sticks into your tea. This is also beneficial when you have run out of teaspoons!
  • Tea dunking biscuits: These biscuits are made from barley flour and can be great with your morning tea or coffee. We may have also imagined a scenario where they would make the perfect bottom layer of a tiramisu.
  • Mixed blossom honey: We came across a very comforting hot chocolate recipe where you combine honey, hot cocoa, milk and a pinch of salt. Remember us when you give this a try!
  • Gaz: Originating in Esfahan, this sweet is made from the Gaz-Angebin plant. It produces a honey like substance called Manna. The quality and amount of Manna in the Gaz is what will determine its value. Think of it as a cardamom, rosewater and pistachio infused taffy doused in flour. Have it with your cup of tea or espresso!



Mr. Reza’s choicest selections for the passionate cook who experiments with high quality ingredients. If you’re looking to discover new ingredients or stock up your pantry with gourmet treats, this box is for you.

  • Pine nuts (100g): Of course these will be great in your pesto, but another way to bring out their flavour is by toasting them in butter along with parsley, minced meat and garlic to create a ‘hashwa.’ This is traditionally what cooks in the Middle East reserve as a topping for their rice and stews. Beware, we have seen many eager eaters scrape this hashwa from the dish and have it all to themselves.
  • Dried figs (200g): Enjoy them on their own, but why don’t you also try hydrating and poaching them with cinnamon?
  • Zereshk berries (200g): Make your own ruby jewelled rice by caramelizing the berries in melted butter/ghee and a slight dusting of sugar until they start oozing, and then sprinkle over your rice. Or follow our Mujaddarah superfood salad recipe from our podcast which invites the berries to be part of a healthy salad.
  • Sour grape juice: Iranians claim that sour grape juice combats high cholesterol and reduces the risk of blood clots. Combine with olive oil to make a salad dressing or as a souring agent in your cooking.
  • Sour cherry jam: Spread this over your bread, dollop over pancakes/ice cream or replicate a recipe of the Aleppan kabab-bil-karaz meatballs in a sour cherry sauce!
  • Grade A saffron (5g): Regarded as the most expensive spice in the world, this is the aromatic stigma handpicked from the crocus sativus. It is the cure to many ailments and will give heaps of aroma and flavour to your stews, pilafs and desserts. Pulverize the threads into powder and create an infusion with lukewarm water or milk before adding it into any dish. PS. Mr Reza claims that the secret to his impeccably coiffed hair is because he bathes in saffron.
  • Pickled persian shallots: Add these to your next stew, garlic rice or yoghurt dip for that pow-wow-in-your-face shot of garlic.
  • A jar of Sidr honey: Sidr honey is one of the most valuable honeys in the world and is made from the nectar of Sidr trees native to Yemen. Its medicinal properties are incredibly high and it can aid in stomach ulcers, respiratory illnesses and infected wounds and burns. We recommend combining a spoonful with turmeric and ginger to boost your immunity.
  • Sohan, saffron infused brittle candy: From the Iranian city of Esfahan, this brittle-like toffee is made with sugar, oil, saffron and nuts. We love the idea of breaking it into tinier shards and topping an iced cake or ice cream with it!
  • Freshly-churned nut butter: Mr. Reza churns these butters without any additives/preservatives in his shop. Spread over your bread and pair with jam or use in baking. Select any one of cashew, pistachio or almond butters for your box.

Mr Reza will send your hug-in-a-box right to your doorstep! But if you'd like to pay him a visit someday, we've shared the location of his shop, Sadaf Iranian Sweets, in the map below.

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