Sharjah Cultural Iftar & Trail – *Ramadan*

Duration: 3.5 hours

Location: Heart of Sharjah, Sharjah



12 years and above



Below 12 years

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Experience the humble traditions of Ramadan with a communal Iftar and sunset trail through the historic Heart of Sharjah neighbourhood.

  • Engage in an open discussion of Ramadan—its meaning, traditions and stories—with Fatima, a friendly Emirati born in the Heart of Sharjah.
  • Far removed from the overly commercial Iftar buffets, participate in an Iftar that is moderate in food but rich in communality.
  • Window shop for quirky Ramadan-only fabrics, sip cups of chai, pop codd-neck bottles of nostagia and hear Fatima's stories of the souks.
  • Get a crash course on Ramadan's sacred fruit—dates; sample various kinds and glean facts that can impress friends at your next dinner party.

Runs only during Ramadan. 6:00PM tours available on selected days of the week.

Ladies must carry a scarf and wear loose-fitting clothes that cover shoulders and legs until ankles.

Men should wear jeans/trousers and cover shoulders.

This route involves walking with stops in between. Wear comfortable shoes/sandals.

Light Iftar & dinner provided; please advise us in advance if you're vegetarian.

Tastings include Gluten/Lactose/Dairy/Nuts. Please notify us of severe allergies.

Carry earphones for our guide audio system.

The tour requires a minimum of 4 guests; we may cancel and refund tickets if the minimum is not met.

Leave behind the commercial, touristy Iftars to explore the real meaning and traditions behind the Holy Month of Fasting, Ramadan. This Ramadan experience takes place in the historic Heart of Sharjah, a neighborhood full of preserved and restored buildings that faces the picturesque Arabian Gulf dotted with wooden blue dhows.

Arrive in the Heart of Sharjah at the most timely sunset hour of Ramadan*, surrounded by inspiring architecture, traditional windtowers and the shaded souks. Appreciate the humble, communal nature of Ramadan through a moderate Iftar meal laid out on the grounds of the souk, surrounded by the local community and the resounding calls to prayer.

Our hosts for the evening will be Fatima AlShuweihi, Head of Education at Heart of Sharjah and whose family hails from the historic neighborhood, and Arva Ahmed, founder of Frying Pan Adventures and well-respected food and culture guide. Hear their stories of Ramadan, discuss the traditions of the Holy month and experience the charming alleys of the Heart of Sharjah through a post-Iftar digestion walk. Sample the fizzy drink that was popular 70 years ago, juggle hot butter-slathered bread filled with mashed potatoes from the neighborhood bakery, sip chai with the locals and rest your feet in the souq as we sit down to taste a traditional Emirati porridge laced with melted ghee and dumplings drizzled with thick date molasses. Fatima won’t let you leave without a taste of her favourite dates and her mother’s signature blend of aromatic Arabic coffee.

*Travel to/from the tour location in comfort by booking a CAREEM car using the mobile app. We provide a 20% discount code in your booking confirmation email.

Our route and featured tastings are subject to change.

18:00 Welcome

We meet at the parking lot right by Souq Al Arsa. Take the first right after the purple LOWRANCE sign on your right, drive down 120 metres towards the parking to your right.

18:00-18:30 Cultural Introduction

Engage in an interactive discussion with Fatima Al Shuweihi, our welcoming Emirati host. We chat about her connection with Heart of Sharjah and the spirit of Ramadan.

18:30-19:45 Communal Iftar and Volunteering

Participate in a communal Iftar, followed by an optional community service activity in keeping with the generous spirit of Ramadan.

19:45-21:00 Heart of Sharjah Trail

Hear Fatima's stories; snack on hot butter-slathered bread, sip chai with the locals; pop an old-school lemonade; window-shop for quirky Ramadan fabrics in the old Irani souq.

21:00-21:30 Emirati Majlis in the Souq

Unwind over a tasting of a traditional Emirati porridge from the oldest cafeteria in the souq, delicious dates and Arabic coffee brewed from a blend made by Fatima's mother.

21:30 Farewell

Bid farewell and take a quick guided walk back to the VIP parking lot.

We meet at the parking lot right by Souq Al Arsa. Take the first right after the purple LOWRANCE sign on your right, drive down 120 metres towards the parking on your right. Show the guard your e-ticket for the tour (save paper by showing it on your phone!) and park in the lot for free. Alternatively, book a convenient CAREEM ride to/from the tour with our 20% off discount code in your confirmation email.

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