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Glean gastronomic tips from the Frying Pan Adventures crew on a Global Village dining adventure.

  • This event will run once, on February 12 , 2019.
  • 06:30PM to 09:30PM
  • The tour requires a minimum of 4 guests; we may cancel and refund tickets if the minimum is not met.
  • Tastings include Gluten/Lactose/Dairy/Nuts. Please notify us of severe allergies.
  • Dress to walk – wear comfortable shoes and clothing.
  • Carry earphones for our audio guide system.

Bypass the Lotus shakes, burgers and potato spirals on a stick to delve into the lesser known plates at Dubai’s annual fair. Sample and learn about street food from Bosnia, Turkey, Thailand, Syria, Argentina and more. We’ll also visit our favourite pavilions for opportunities to purchase spices, preserves and other unique goodies.

  • Taste the foods that have us making weekly trips back to Global Village.
  • Find inspiration for your kitchen experiments and pantry upgrade.
  • With sated bellies, continue on your own shopping spree!

You will need to purchase your Global Village admission ticket and any food that entices you.

*General admission into Global Village costs AED15.

We’ll meet outside the Main Gate, to the right, near the Karak Tea stall.
Please be on time, we don’t wait for latecomers!

There is ample parking space available.
If you are arriving via public transport, please budget extra time for traffic.

What is #Sufra?

#Sufra refers to our program of limited edition experiences that go beyond our regular food tours. It includes food walks along new routes, taste battles to find the ‘Best of…” something delicious in the city, culinary road trips and more. Our team is constantly researching and collaborating with the broader food community, so that you can savour unique foods, cultures and communities nurtured in Dubai and the neighbouring Emirates.

Can anyone join a #Sufra experience?

Yes, we welcome all residents and visitors! Anyone can join by booking the listed #Sufra events on our calendar.

Can I do a #Sufra experience as a private or corporate event?

Yes! Some experiences do have a minimum or maximum group size limit. In most cases, we would be happy to adapt an existing #Sufra event for your private party or corporate team.

How are #Sufra experiences different from our signature food walks?

Here’s how, and if any one or more of these distinguishing features resonate with you, then you’re our perfect #Sufra guest:

  • Stronger community focus – You’re eager to connect with other intellectually curious members of our community, over a common passion for food, culture and exploration.
  • More dynamic and collaborative – You’d rather be involved in discussions moderated by a Sufra host, rather than being “guided on a tour;” you leave the event knowing that the dialogues you had within the group added richness to the experience.
  • More fringe discoveries – You already know the not-so-secret “hidden gems” in the city; you’re looking to access those cultures, conversations and experiences that are rarely on the mainstream radar. They’re either reserved to a few cultural circles or are often discovered only by people with special insider access, e.g. journalists.
  • Less structured, more fluid – You simply want to have a fun, not overly planned outing with like-minded people who love food!


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