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"Best Thing I Ate This Week" Instagram Series

Hey! Thank you for agreeing to contribute to our ‘Best Thing I Ate This Week’ series on Instagram/Facebook! We’re doing this because we get SO MANY amazing recommendations from die-hard food lovers like you and the list of small little places that deserve love is growing way faster than we can possibly eat through them. We also think it’s fun for people in our community to have the opportunity to share what they love first hand! We will make sure to tag you on Instagram and share/tag the location of the restaurant as well.

So this is how it goes. We collect 3 people’s finds per week, create a reel and then tag them, share the locations and all that jazz. Your food find can be anywhere in the UAE. It’s super simple — all we need from you are 3 short phone videos, two of the dish itself and one 10-second video of you talking to the phone camera. This 3-minute tutorial video will describe everything we need from you to make this happen!

If you have any questions at all, don’t hesitate to ping us on Instagram @fryingpanadventures.

Thank you again for contributing to this series, we can’t wait to see what you’ve discovered!

Here’s a quick recap of the tutorial:

You would need to submit 3 videos:

1) Video of the dish itself. This can be 10-20 seconds.

Tips: try to video is well-lit (have light source, e.g. window, behind you as you’re taking the video); keep the food at arms length distance from your phone so that the food is in focus; clear away any dirty tissues or phones etc out of the video frame; avoid using the zoom on your phone camera.

2) Video of some ‘food action’ with the dish — dipping, tearing, taking a forkful, etc

This just gives a better visual of texture and makes the food look appetizing.

3) Selfie-video of you talking about the dish, only 10-12 seconds.

Start by saying: “The best thing I ate this week was….” and then give the name of the dish, name of the restaurant and the area. Then follow it up with a 1-line description of the dish or say why you love it.

So for instance, The best thing I ate this week were beef dumplings at Linda’s cafe in International City. I loved the pickled mustard greens in the filling and the chilli dipping sauce on the side was DYNAMITE!

4) Upload the videos using your mobile phone browser to wetransfer.com/upload. Generate an upload link and DM it to us over Instagram at @fryingpanadventures



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