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Our 2-4 hour food tours in Dubai are curated for culture-conscious travelers and local residents who love food, walking and stories.

We are currently offering both public and private tours. If you prefer to see our upcoming tours based on date, please visit our calendar here. And if you don’t see a date that works for you, just reach out through our Contact page and we’d be happy to help.

Which Tour is Right for Me?

First time visitor to Dubai? Expat that recently moved here? Opt for our Middle Eastern Food Pilgrimage or our Dubai Souks and Creekside Food Walk.

Resident for a few or many years? Keep reading – the choice of tour really depends on what you’re looking to experience!

If you’re looking for a tour that’s exclusively food and no sightseeing, then we recommend our Middle Eastern Food Pilgrimage and Little India (private request only) food tours. These are 3.5-4 hour food tasting experiences combined with culture and storytelling across 3 to 4 eating stops.

If you seek a blend of food and sightseeing, the Dubai Souks and Creekside Food Walk is for you. In addition to tasting eclectic foods from some of the older communities around the creekside, you will discover hidden alleys, learn about spices, take a boat ride and soak in vibrant sights and aromas. It’s also our only tour that includes indigenous Emirati food. The overall food component is slightly lighter than the Middle Eastern Food Pilgrimage and Little India Food Tour in terms of food offered, but we guarantee you will not walk away hungry!

If you’re a vegetarian, you will have more options on the Dubai Souks and Creekside Food WalkOld Dubai Quickie Snacking Tour and Little India Food Tour and the . The Middle Eastern Food Pilgrimage does feature a non-veg main course that cannot be substituted.

Short on time? Or have kids between 4 and 10 years? Our 2 hour Old Dubai Quickie Snacking Tour is the one to go with! You get to roam through the vibrant Deira Spice Souk, peek into the Gold Souk to witness the ‘Godzilla ring,’ play a fun game in the souk and enjoy 5 delicious snacks that appeal to most adults and children (there’s fresh bread and chocolate too!) We’ll finish the tour steps away from the creek where you can take an old school boat (abra) ride across the water after the tour if you like! Just one thing though — we don’t feature hummus, falafels and other beloved foods of the Middle East (Levant specifically) on this tour because they simply aren’t available in this neighborhood which has grown up on Indian and Iranian flavours. If you’re looking to indulge in that cuisine, you’re better off on our Middle Eastern Food Pilgrimage.

Dubai Souks Iftar Tour *NEW!*

4 hours
AED472.50 *Early bird AED 425.25 only on 1st 10 tickets sold! • AED 4056+ Private groups
8 yrs+

Join us in Dubai’s old souks to witness a communal Iftar and a humble side of Ramadan in Dubai that many miss out on.

Middle Eastern Food Pilgrimage - dubai food tour

Middle Eastern Food Pilgrimage

3.5 hrs
AED435 • AED 3056+ Private groups
14 yrs+

Experience the flavours and stories of our favourite Middle Eastern mezze, specialty dishes and desserts on our longest-running food tour.

Dubai Souks and Creekside Food Walk

4 hours
AED435 • AED 3056+ Private groups
8 yrs+

Explore Dubai’s historic souks while indulging in nostalgic foods and hearing stories of the city’s first communities – the perfect mix of sightseeing and food!

Dubai Waterfront Market Tour and Lunch

Private request only
3 hours
AED367.50 • AED 3056+ Private groups
4 yrs+

Shop and lunch at the largest indoor fish and vegetable market in Dubai with our founders’ very lovable mother, a 40+ year UAE veteran!

International City Noodle Tour

3.5 hours
AED472.5 • AED 4056+ Private groups
14 yrs+

Discover 7 unique noodles dishes across 5 authentic restaurants in International City with a Chinese noodle aficionado—a unique bonding experience!

Old Dubai Quickie Snacking Tour

Private request only
2 hours
AED255 • AED125 Kids 4-8 years • AED2536+ Private groups
4 yrs+

Snack your way across 5 South East Asian and Iranian stops in the back alleys of the Spice and Gold Souks in Dubai.

Little India Food Tour

4 hours
AED 3056+ Private tours
14 yrs+

Visit Dubai’s oldest Indian neighbourhood to sample the best street food and popular dishes from the North and South Indian communities in the city.

Prefer to take the reins into your own hands and explore independently? These self-guided and digital offerings might be right for you.

The Ultimate Guide to Dubai’s Spice Souk

Mobile or Desktop Web Browser
E-guide 50 AED (Lifetime Online Access)

Our online guidebook covers over 70 different culinary and herbal spices, and is the perfect guide to the aromatic alleys of Dubai’s spice souk.

Dubai Digital Tour Guidebook

Digital Tour Guidebooks

PDF Guides
AED 160.00 per guidebook, AED 370 for bundle of 3 guidebooks

Whether you’d like explore on your own or you’d like to savour Dubai from afar, our digital guidebooks will reveal our favourite spots and insider knowledge of the city.



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