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Our online guidebook covers over 70 different culinary and herbal spices, and is the perfect guide to the aromatic alleys of Dubai’s spice souk.

  • A fun learning tool about spices and herbs that’s easy to read and full of vibrant photos. Perfect for adults and children!
  • Available online via your desktop or mobile browser .
  • 74 souk ingredients (culinary, medicinal and/or cosmetic) demystified! We’ve distilled months of research into easy-to-follow descriptions!
  • A must-have if you’re looking to learn more than the ordinary click-and-run tourist that visits this historical bazaar.
  • An informative souvenir especially if you’ve enjoyed playing SPINGO—Spice Bingo—on our Dubai Souks and Creekside Food Walk.

Our online guidebook makes for the perfect companion on a stroll through the Spice Souk (if you have a data connection) or a space-saving souvenir after your Frying Pan tour. Even if you’re miles away, it’ll give you a virtual whiff of the city we love.

This guidebook may be accessed from any desktop or mobile web browser.

I’ve purchased a guidebook. Now how do I access it?

Once you’ve purchased a guidebook on our website, we will send you detailed instructions on how to access it within 2 business days (please note that we are closed on Sundays). The instructions will guide you on how to open the guidebook using your browser.

Do I need an internet connection to access my guidebook?

Yes, you do need an internet connection to access the guidebook.

How many devices may I use to access my guidebook?

Up to three! You may access our Ultimate Guide to Dubai’s Spice Souk through a web browser on your desktop or mobile device. 2 different web browsers on the same device are counted as 2 separate login devices.

Please note that multiple additional login attempts from different devices and browsers might cause your password to be revoked and would require you to purchase a new code to access the guidebook.

May I share my guidebook with others?

No, once purchased, the guidebook access is for your personal use only on up to 3 different devices. Multiple uses of the same password on different browsers in excess of three will cause the password to be blocked automatically and a new one would need to be purchased.

Oh no, my guidebook password has been blocked! Now what?

A password gets blocked automatically if the guidebook was accessed using the same password across more than 3 devices (or more than 3 browsers.) This violates our terms of use and you would need to purchase a new password.



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