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Looking for career opportunities in food tourism? Then apply to join our tightly-knit creative team, especially if you enjoy working in a dynamic environment with valuable growth opportunities and problem-solving challenges.

Food Trail Host and Presenter

Lead our food walks, food and photography experiences and private events. We’re looking for someone who can work full-time, on morning and evening tours from Saturday to Thursday, from October to May.

Arabic language skills and a strong understanding of Middle Eastern cuisines – not just kebabs and hummus, but specialty cuisines across the region – are both a massive plus!

We’re looking for someone who:

  • Not only loves food, but more importantly, who is eloquent and articulate when he/she describes food.
  • Loves reading about history and culture – in real books, not Wikipedia! We are unabashed food geeks.
  • Is an engaging storyteller and performer. We don’t just “talk” about food, but instead, we like to make dishes come alive for our guests through anecdotes, facts and more.
  • Has excellent social skills interacting with groups of people. Ask yourself: “do I enjoy hosting dinners or does it stress me out?” If it’s the latter, this role may not be for you!
  • Displays boundless, positive energy. We walk a lot and need to constantly be on our toes when we are with our guests.
  • Can tackle unstructured situations and can deal with the unexpected. Every guest and every experience is different and special. We have some rules of thumb, but we expect our hosts to be quick and wise thinkers on the job.
  • Has a valid UAE residency visa and has lived in Dubai for at least 3 years.