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#Sufra refers to our program of limited edition experiences that go beyond our regular food tours. It includes food walks along new routes, taste battles to find the ‘Best of…” something delicious in the city, culinary road trips and more. Our team is constantly researching and collaborating with the broader food community, so that you can savour unique foods, cultures and communities nurtured in Dubai and the neighbouring Emirates.

Please do share their information using this form and we’ll reach out to them to see if we can set them up with the #stayhome Tour Tiffin. We’re currently only offering the service in limited locations but hope to expand as we iron out logistics.

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Our restaurant partners include:

  • Tawasol [Yemeni]: Chicken mandi (melt-in-your-mouth roasted chicken) with rice, lentil soup, leafy greens.
  • Qwaider Al Nabulsi [Jordanian-Palestinian]: TBD
  • Al Ammor [Egyptian]: Vegetarian koshari, including rice, lentils, chickpeas, elbow macaroni, spaghetti, deep-fried onions along with a smoky tomato-chilli sauce.
  • Kebab Bistro [Indian, Parsi]: TBD
  • Sind Punjab [Indian, Punjabi]: TBD

We’d also love if you called them directly and ordered their delicious food to support them during the current crisis. Don’t use delivery apps because they charge hefty commissions to the restaurants which are already hurting right now. Some of the above restaurants may have delivery minimums based on your area but it’s always worth calling to check. Every little bit counts!

There is 1 main course on our Souks and Creekside tour that is non-vegetarian. However, we are able to order vegetarian falafels upon request. The other snacks and tastings featured are vegetarian-friendly.


Up to two! You may access our Ultimate Guide to Dubai’s Spice Souk through a web browser or mobile app (available on Google Play. Coming soon to App Store too!) 2 different web browsers on the same device are counted as 2 separate login devices.

Please note that multiple additional login attempts from different devices and browsers might cause your password to be revoked and would require you to purchase a new code to access the guidebook.

Unseen Trails are urban exploration and cultural photography walks co-hosted with Gulf Photo Plus. We always feature our favourite snacks and foods.

A password gets blocked automatically if the guidebook was accessed using the same password across multiple devices/platforms. This violates our terms of use and you would need to purchase a new password.

No, once purchased, the guidebook access if for your personal use only on up to two different devices/platforms. Multiple uses of the same password on different devices/platforms in excess of two will cause the password to be blocked automatically and a new one would need to be purchased.

Yes! Once you purchase a guidebook, you are eligible to receive any updates we make to it in the future—though we don’t anticipate frequent updates. For instance if we add a new ingredient to our Ultimate Guide to Dubai’s Spice Souk, you will see the updated version of the guidebook when you login using your password.

Once you’ve purchased a guidebook on our website, we will send you detailed instructions on how to access it within 2 business days (please note that we are closed on Fridays). The instructions will show you how to open the guidebook through your desktop browser or mobile.

Yes, for the most part, you do need an internet connection to access the guidebook. The only option for offline access is through the mobile app for the Ultimate Guide to Dubai’s Spice Souk. Once downloaded to the mobile app and if you select the option to keep the app always logged in—as logging in again will require an internet connection—this guidebook can be accessed offline.

Absolutely not! Our walking food tours are immersive experiences that combine food tastings with history, culture and personal stories of the city.

Please don’t carry anything too heavy as we will be walking. If you plan to purchase edible souvenirs during the tour, please make sure to carry both cash/your credit card (most, but not all, locations accept credit card).

Please be sure to let us know if you (or anyone in your group) have a dietary restriction (e.g. vegetarian, diabetic, allergy, etc.) when you purchase your tickets. In most cases, nuts, lactose and gluten may be in the foods featured on our experiences and there is a risk of cross-contamination. If you have a serious allergy, we recommend contacting us at ‘munch@fryingpanadventures.com’ prior to purchasing tickets to enable us to advise you if our tours are suitable for you.

The main course on our Middle Eastern tour is non-vegetarian: fish. That said, we have had vegetarian guests join in the past and they have often walked away from the tour quite full and sated. While there are no vegetarian substitutes for the meat dishes, the falafels, dips and desserts are all vegetarian-friendly.

Ironically, the team that designed this almost 99% vegetarian tour are die-hard carnivores! Despite this, we have cherry-picked the dishes that best represent the community in Meena Bazaar and it turns out that most of them are vegetarian. There is such a wide range of tastings that we have yet to experience a guest, whether meat-eater or vegetarian, feeling less than “stuffed” after this gluttonous experience. You *might* even thank us for leaving out the meat at the end of the tour!

Yes, toilet facilities are available on most of our tours at selected stops – however we do recommend using a restroom before arriving at the tour as not all tours will have a toilet break at the start.

At this time, we do not offer our walking tours in any language other than English. Our Emirati Culinary Session and Lunch can be offered in Arabic for private group bookings.

We absolutely do! We can accommodate a variety of special requests (family reunions, birthday parties, out of town guests, corporate, team-building, familiarization trips, delegations and more).

We regret that our Middle Eastern Food Pilgrimage, Little India on a Plate and Dubai Souks and Creekside Food Walk tours are not handicap accessible as many of the locations are older restaurants without wheelchair accessibility. Our Emirati culinary session and lunch is wheelchair accessible.

We do have an age limit for most tours. Please note the minimum age requirement (must be accompanied by a legal guardian) for the experiences below:

  • Middle Eastern Food Pilgrimage: 14 years
  • Little India on a Plate: 14 years
  • Dubai Souks and Creekside Food Walk: 8 years
  • Delicious Dubai Layover: No age limit, but a ticket must be purchased for children above 4 years
  • Food Tour on Wheels: 8 years
  • Sufra Experiences: As stated on each individual Sufra Experience page.
  • Unseen Trails: 18 years

Parking is challenging to find at most of our tour starting point locations; our starting point and ending point on the routes are often different. We recommend taking the metro if it is near the starting point. If you plan to take a taxi, please budget extra time for traffic on the roads especially between 5PM and 7PM.

The tours are very rarely cancelled due to bad weather. We will email you at least 4 hours prior to the tour should it not be advisable to walk outside due to a thunderstorm or sandstorm; please make sure to check your email if you are aware of bad weather. We also advise you to check weather conditions for your tour and dress appropriately.

Yes, advance ticket purchase is required. Our experiences, typically, sell out quickly during the peak season (November to April). To maximize your chances of getting the date, time, and number of tickets you prefer, please book well in advance.

We do not offer a waiting list. If the date and time of your choice is sold out, we recommend visiting our website approximately 12 to 24 hours before the tour to check for any last-minute cancellations and openings.

We apply the following policy for public tour bookings, including ones booked with a gift voucher / e-certificate:

Cancellation policy

  • 90% refund if 7 days or more before Tour
  • 0% refund if less than 7 days before Tour

Rescheduling policy

  • Rescheduling permitted to another tour of the same price only if request is received 7 days or more before the tour and if there is availability on the new date requested. Only one rescheduling request permitted per booking.
  • No rescheduling permitted if request is received less than 7 days before the tour or if there is no availability on the new date requested.

Gratuities are always appreciated but are not mandatory.

The Ramadan edition food walks are adapted for the timings and, where possible, the foods of Ramadan.

  • They begin later than our year-round food walks since we can only start eating after the sunset call to prayer. Because we begin late, they are also shorter to allow us to conclude at a reasonable time of the night.
  • The Middle Eastern Ramadan edition features a few treats that are only served at our restaurants during Ramadan.
  • The guide will share stories and traditions, as well as answer questions relating to the Holy Month.

The summer edition food walks are adapted for the heat and humidity of the summer months and run during May to September.

  • They begin later than our year-round food walks since we start eating after sunset when temperatures cool down. Because we begin late, they are also shorter to allow us to conclude at a reasonable time of the night.

Here’s how, and if any one or more of these distinguishing features resonate with you, then you’re our perfect #Sufra guest:

  • Stronger community focus – You’re eager to connect with other intellectually curious members of our community, over a common passion for food, culture and exploration.
  • More dynamic and collaborative – You’d rather be involved in discussions moderated by a Sufra host, rather than being “guided on a tour;” you leave the event knowing that the dialogues you had within the group added richness to the experience.
  • More fringe discoveries – You already know the not-so-secret “hidden gems” in the city; you’re looking to access those cultures, conversations and experiences that are rarely on the mainstream radar. They’re either reserved to a few cultural circles or are often discovered only by people with special insider access, e.g. journalists.
  • Less structured, more fluid – You simply want to have a fun, not overly planned outing with like-minded people who love food!

Yes, we welcome all residents and visitors! Anyone can join by booking the listed #Sufra events on our calendar.

Yes! Some experiences do have a minimum or maximum group size limit. In most cases, we would be happy to adapt an existing #Sufra event for your private party or corporate team.

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