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ドバイで食い倒れ! ローカルフードを食べ歩こう

今回ご紹介したお店も含め、全7店舗(レストラン4店、スイーツショップ2店、スパイスショップ1店)をアラビックフードカルチャーのスペシャリストと5時間かけて回る「フライング パン アドベンチャーズ」が企画をしているツアーに参加するのも面白いかもしれません。

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Bubbly Arva, who guides every tour, brings her encyclopaedic knowledge of food to every single dish and ingredient, so not only do you walk away with a bursting tummy, but a head full of historical foodie facts.

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Middle Eastern Foodie Pilgrimage

To get a feel for the real Dubai, there’s no better way than to book a tour with Frying Pan Adventures. Frying Pan was the first culinary tour outfit in Dubai, and their success is well deserved.

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Dubai Food Tours

The local duo behind Frying Pan Adventures might have a monopoly on food tours in the city, but for good reason. Indian sisters Arva and Farida Ahmed have lived in Dubai all their lives and they know their biryani from their baklava.

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