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From team building to reconnecting with family, online Spicy Bingo (SPINGO!) is the perfect fun way to bond with people who are far away.

  • Meet new people at our 10-player online public games or plan a private game as a fun team building activity or a get-together for friends.
  • No prior knowledge of the souk is required! You just need a computer, an internet connection and a hefty serving of luck.
  • Meet a spicy Game Master who has secretly worked in some of our all-time favourite gaming elements to keep you engaged through the session.
  • Leave the game with a dangerous amount of intel around lesser known culinary and medicinal wares of the souk—trehala manna anyone?

Play a spicy online twist on Bingo—aka SPINGO—inspired by our extensive research and curious findings at Dubai’s local Spice Souk. We’ve transformed this game into an exciting virtual format that you can enjoy as a fun team building activity with colleagues who’re working from home or as a private social do with family and friends who’re far away.

We even have public games that you can join solo (or with a teammate!) and meet other curious food-loving minds from around the world.

Select from a range of flexible gaming options: play solo or as a team, join 9 other players in a public session or host a private SPINGO party with your friends or work colleagues and get our favourite munchies home-delivered* for the game if you like!

We can also simplify the game for a group of children (over 7 years) for your child’s #stayhome birthday bash or a fun weekend activity that will keep the kids busy with minimal supervision for 2 hours! Just reach out, we’d love to host this as a private session for you and your friends, work colleagues or children.

Over the course of our 2-hour game played over Zoom, your spicy Game Master will weave in entertaining surprise elements to keep the group engaged. This interactive experience requires no prior knowledge of Dubai’s spice souk or its wares—you just need a good internet connection and your lucky ‘game hat’ on!

*home-delivered munchies only available for players in Dubai and Sharjah at this time. 

Can I host a private SPINGO party for my friends/family/colleagues?

Absolutely! It’s a really fun and engaging way to connect with people, especially ones you’ve missed seeing in a long time. Get in touch through our Contact page and let us plan a private SPINGO party for you.

Can I play solo?

Yes! You can join any of our public Virtual SPINGO sessions and play the game solo—no teammate required!

How many people can play from one computer screen?

You can have as many family members or housemates play the game from one computer screen, though the screen will only be counted as 1 player or team. So you will get only 1 SPINGO card per computer screen.

Can my children play Virtual SPINGO?

Absolutely! The game is both fun and educational—it’s a great way for children to learn about herbs and spices. We recommend the game for children over 8 years of age, but younger children can play too with a little adult guidance. If you’d like us to organize a private virtual session for your child and his/her friends, do get in touch!

Can I invite a friend/family member to join my team remotely?

Yes absolutely! If your friend or family member is joining from another screen in a different location, they will need to purchase a separate SPINGO ticket.



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