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On this week’s edition of Cheap Eats on Dubai92, Arva shared one of the most beloved Middle Eastern foods, the mouthwatering Palestinian-style falafel sandwich in Dubai!

What’s This Week’s Cheap Eat?

Every week our founder Arva Ahmed goes on air on one of our favorite local radio stations, Dubai92, to share the best food in Dubai or the neighboring Emirates that’s also incredibly cheap!

This week, she made us drool over a Palestinian-style falafel sandwich from her favorite corner falafel cafeteria called Sultan Dubai Falafel. While it’s not written exactly this way on the menu, she likes to order a hummus and falafel sandwich with khubz (pita) stuffed with smashed falafels, creamy hummus, cucumber-tomato salad, meaty chunks of deep-fried eggplant and cauliflower and heaps of nutty tahini sauce. Last but not the least, she asks for a final drizzle of vinegary shatta (spicy sauce) to pack more punch into the sandwich.

Here’s Sultan Dubai Falafel’s location on Google maps.

Tune In

Tune in to the segment on Dubai92’s Instagram account or check out the transcript below.



Alright, so we’re gonna kickstart the year with something that I think is perfect for the kind of picnic weather we have right now, which is falafel sandwiches! And this is from my favorite corner falafel cafeteria that I have been visiting for years, and that is literally the first stop for a reason on our Middle Eastern food tour.

So this place is called Sultan Dubai Falafel and it’s on the corner of Muraqqabat street, and they do a Palestinian-style falafel. So we’re looking at these really moist on the inside, but crunchy on the outside, and they have these vibrant green bellies. Basically, I tell them I want a “Hummus and Falafel Sandwich”. So what they’re going to do is they’re going to smash these green falafels into the khubz, into the pita, and then they’re gonna smear on some hummus.

Then I asked for deep-fried eggplant and cauliflower, you know that sweetness of the eggplant smashed in there. No fries! I’m not a fan of soggy fries so leave the fries out. Then they layer on a thick, creamy layer of nutty tahini, and then you ask them for shatta which is their preserved pickly, like vinegary, spicy paste. It’s not really that hot. It’s got a little bit of bite to it. And then they put that in there.


And how much is it, for their… for the falafel sandwich?


It’s under ten dirhams! It’s either eight or nine dirhams. For the falafel, this is falafel and hummus, all snuggled into one.


Wow! Wow! Amazing!


Have a scrumptious year ahead guys!


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