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19th February, 2024

Thursday’s Global Village meet up stretched from three to five hours. I would have expected nothing less of our VIP Pass members: laughter, bargaining and impromptu food diversions from the original route.

Here’s the distilled essence of our culinary odyssey, a roadmap for the serious food lover. Foods with ** are not to be skipped. All else negotiable.

We followed some version of this path. It’s a bit zigzag. You might find a better route. Maps are scarce, and the Global Village app freezes.

I sketched this paper map, not perfect but enough to plan ahead.

The Floating Market, Zool Mashawi, and the Palestinian pavilion are musts.

If you’re a Global Village veteran who’s offended that I’ve missed something important on this list, I want to hear from you. Still two more months of exploring before it winds up.

Prayers for Palestine,


Arva Saleem Ahmed
Founder and Chief Executive Muncher
Frying Pan Adventures



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