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Learn why West African food is so rich in vegan options from Nana Mancell, the founder of Veghana.


Nana Mancell is a Dubai-based Ghanian expat who switched from her super stable corporate career to launch a catering service that delivers vegan West African food under the brand Veghana. We invited her on the podcast to learn about West African food and why it’s so conducive to veganism. Tune in to the player below to hear Nana Mancell talk about West African ingredients and dishes, and visit Veghana’s website to try her food! Keep scrolling to learn about 3 of her best-selling dishes that she shared on our podcast.

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All photo and menu credits to Nana Mancell from Veghana! 

1. Peanut Soup

Vegan food in Dubai - plantains and beans - Veghana

Veghana’s Peanut Soup

This is Veghana’s whazzzzat! dish which always pleasantly surprises diners. Peanut soup is a West African favourite made with peanuts (often both the paste and ground nuts) and tomato paste. Hear Nana describe it on our podcast.

2. Plantains and Beans

Vegan food in Dubai - plantains and beans - Veghana

Veghana’s Plantains and Beans

This is a hearty stew of black-eyed beans which are served with fried plantains and sprinkled with gari foto (Ghanaian couscous). Tune into our podcast to hear about this dish and other West African favourites.

3. Jollof Rice

Vegan food in Dubai - jollof rice - Veghana

Veghana’s Jollof Rice

The dish that both unites and divides West Africa! Jollof rice is party food that consists of rice and vegetables cooked in a tomato sauce. On the podcast, Nana shares how Jollof is actually a culinary by-product of colonial times.



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