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Solve a deadly crime case around Dubai’s creek using our mobile app to guide you through a series of food tastings & cryptic puzzles!

This game is run in collaboration with Wander with Nada. It is designed to be played independently using your mobile device without the presence of a tour guide.

  • Play as a couple or as a group of friends. We recommend 2 people per mobile device screen used to play the game and you can purchase extra screen access when booking the game.
  • Choose any day to play that you prefer, and if you need to switch it around, we can do that for you!
  • Bond with your fellow players through an exhilarating half day activity. On average groups take 4.5 to 5 hours to finish the game.
  • We recommend starting the game between 10AM and 5PM on Saturday-Thursday and between 2PM and 5PM on Friday to ensure restaurants and shops are open. Last start time is 5PM. Some stops critical to the game may close after 10PM.
  • Solve clues sent right to your mobile phone or tablet as you progress through the crime case. You have 3 tries to crack each clue before we help you out — but every wrong try leads to a points penalty. The more points, the more street cred you have as undercover agents.
  • Follow a trail peppered with historic, cultural and culinary information that will give you a virtual tour of the city as you crack the case.
  • Eat your way through Old Dubai in order to solve the clues! The cost of food & beverages ordered is not included in the game price and must be purchased separately, approx. AED 80.00/person (if 4 players sharing the food) to AED 180.00/person (if only 1 player.)
  • Vegetarians don’t fret! The game has vegetarian options at every food stop.
Any day of your choice! We recommend starting the game anytime within this window to ensure that shops/restaurants are open: 10AM to 5PM on Sat-Thu, 2PM to 5PM on Fri. Last start time is 5PM. Some stops critical to the game may close after 10PM.
4 tastings based on the mission clues + 1 finale dessert if you finish before 8PM. Tasting include: 2 light savory meals, 1 sweet tasting, 1 main sit down meal. Vegetarian options available.
1 mobile device per game screen purchased. We recommend a max of 3 players per device. Device (phone/tablet) must have internet connection and our scavenger hunt app downloaded (free to download for Android & Apple.)
Lots of walking involved!
Tastings include Gluten/Lactose. Please check with us before booking if you have severe allergies.
Dress comfortably to walk. Sunscreen and hat recommended.
Minimum age recommended is 18 years.
  • 1 fully charged mobile device per game screen access purchased. You may use any kind of phone or even better, a tablet, with an active internet connection and an extra power bank. We will send a link to download our game app and your one-time game code 24 hours before your chosen day to play the game.
  • Scratch paper and pen.
  • Cash for the food & beverages required to solve the clues. Credit cards not accepted at all stops. Approx. AED 80.00/person (if 4 players sharing the food) to AED 180.00/person (if only 1 player.)
  • Comfy walking shoes.
  • Sunscreen if it’s sunny.
  • An appetite, competitive spirit, rapid problem-solving skills and a good sense of humour!

By the Grand Souk Information Center at the Spice Souk parking lot exit (near the intersection).


  • Metro: Nearest to the meeting point is Al Ras metro station (green line). Nearest to the ending point is Sharaf DG (green line).
  • If you plan to drive, the best place to park is in the paid multi-storey parking next to the Spice Souk and Gold Souk here: https://goo.gl/maps/mGCiP5BMudYUD6Kh8
  • There is heavy traffic during peak commute times, especially 5PM and 7PM on weekdays. If your game starts during this time, please budget extra travel time accordingly.
  • Please note that our starting point and ending point for this game are on different sides of the creek. If you park your car in the multi-storey parking mentioned above, you will be able to easily access it after the game by crossing the creek.