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Crack a deadly and delicious crime case around the historic Dubai creek. Join a public hunt or let us plan your own exclusive private party or corporate team-building hunt.

  • This game is designed and run in collaboration with Wander with Nada.
  • Teams usually have about 3-5 people.
  • Requires 2 people on every team to download our mobile game app (available for free on Android/Apple) and have Internet connectivity.
  • 3.5 hour duration from start to finish, excluding travel time to/from the game site and any additional introductions/farewells.
  • Involves walking to the various “clue stops.” 10-20 minutes walk per stop on average.
  • Some allergies/diet restrictions may be accommodated; please check with us before booking.
October to April. Morning time is recommended; evening options also possible.
1 light savory meal, 1 beverage (chai), 1 main course (vegetarian option available). Dessert option as 4th tasting available if the hunt ends before 8:00PM.
1 mobile phone per team required to play. Phone must have internet connection and our scavenger hunt app downloaded (free to download for Android & Apple)
Minimum age required is 18 years.
Lots of walking involved!
Tastings include Gluten/Lactose/Nuts. Please check with us before booking if you have severe allergies.
Minimum group size of 10 people required for a private hunt with our organizers on the ground. If your group is less than 10, you can still play the game using our Self-Play option without our organizers.
Dress comfortably to walk. Sunscreen and hat recommended.

Embark on a mission to solve a deadly crime that’s unfolding across the alleys of the Deira and Bur Dubai souks. This exhilarating game combines brain teasers with delicious flavours across Dubai’s hidden gems. It makes for a fantastic team building exercise, unique birthday bash, bachelorette activity or just a fun evening out with friends.

You and your group will be divided up into squads and pitted against the others to crack the case before the bad guys get away! Be prepared for a mission that throws challenging puzzles, cryptic code and delicious discoveries your way.

The mission clues are delivered through a mobile app which is free to download on Android and Apple. Through the duration of the tour, the mission will layer food tastings and historical information with a fictional crime thriller.

This mission, should your team choose to accept it, is one that requires an appetite, competitive spirit, rapid problem-solving skills and a good sense of humour.

Here’s What Past Guests on This Tour Are Saying

We meet by the main entrance of the Spice Souk.
GPS link: https://goo.gl/maps/ekJ62x7G9ZtXJ1xQ8

Getting to the Meeting Point:

  • Metro: Nearest to the meeting point is Al Ras metro station (green line). Nearest to the ending point is Sharaf DG (green line).
  • If you plan to drive, the best place to park is in the paid multi-storey parking next to the Spice Souk and Gold Souk here: https://goo.gl/maps/mGCiP5BMudYUD6Kh8
  • There is heavy traffic during peak commute times, especially 5PM and 7PM on weekdays. If your game starts during this time, please budget extra travel time accordingly.
  • Please note that our starting point and ending point for this game are on different sides of the creek. If you park your car in the multi-storey parking mentioned above, you will be able to easily access it after the game by crossing the creek.

Want us to arrange group transportation? Ask us!

Want to Organize A Private Scavenger Hunt?

    • Minimum group size of 10 required.
    • The game is played using a freely downloadable mobile app. It requires a working data connection. Fully charged phone and power banks are highly recommended.
    • Minimum age: 18+
    • The game does feature a fair degree of gore and graphic details to make the crime thriller sound realistic. Organizers are responsible for ensuring that the group is aware of this and comfortable in advance of signing up for the event.

    3.5 hours to play the game. This excludes time spent on any introductions and farewell after the event.

    • 2 guides on-site to coordinate the game.
    • Game licenses to play the game.
    • Welcome drink upon arrival.
    • All food and water as per the mission clues and budget provided. This includes 2 savory bites, 1 beverage (separate from the welcome drink) and 1 dessert. Veg options included. If you have vegans in the group, please let us know in advance.
    • Branded tote bag.
    • Small farewell token and certificate for each participant.
    • Any F&B ordered outside of the mission/budget provided to the teams.
    • Transport to/from venue.
    The following can be included for an extra fee.
    • Farewell prizes as per your group’s preferences (for instance — Dubai opera tickets, iPads, spa vouchers, dinners, trophy/medals, money).
    • Group transport to/from the venue.
    • 2-minute high-res group event video. (AED 8000.00 for a 1 minute video)
    Prices for a private scavenger will vary based on the number of total guests in the group. Please note that the group itself will be divided up into separate smaller teams of 2 to 5 people. Following are per person prices that include 5% VAT:
    • 10-11 guests – AED 555.00
    • 12-14 guests – AED 500.00
    • 15-25 guests – AED 410.00
    • 26-40 guests – AED 385.00
    • 40 guests+ – AED 315.00

    Payment Options:

    • 100% online VISA/Mastercard payment (full payment required on one card), or
    • 100% Wire transfer at the time of making the booking
    • We require full payment within 7 working days of your confirming the date with us, after which we will release the date in the event of non-payment.

    Private Hunt Cancellation Policy:
    Once full payment has been made, only 50% refund if a cancellation is made up to 7 business days (excluding Friday/Saturday) before the event. No refund for cancellations made within 7 business days of the event.

    Private Hunt Rescheduling Policy:
    Once full payment has been made, only 1 reschedule possible if the request is made up to 7 business days (excluding Friday/Saturday) before the event. No rescheduling options available for requests made within 7 business days of the event.

    Late Arrival Policy:
    If your group fails to arrive within 20 minutes of the stated start time, the event is automatically cancelled without any refund/rescheduling options. In the case of a few latecomers in the group, the guide is not responsible for answering phone calls after the Scavenger Hunt has commenced, nor for providing missed information/food for guests who join after the game has already started. This policy applies regardless of whether the group has informed the guide of their running late or not.

    You and your group would embark on a mission to solve a deadly crime that’s unfolding across the alleys of the Deira and Bur Dubai souks. This exhilarating game is played by squads of 2 to 5 players who must work together to solve a mission that combines brain teasers, food tastings and history. This game is collaboratively designed and organized by Wander with Nada and Frying Pan Adventures.

    • Your group would be divided up into 2-5 players depending on the logistics.
    • As the group solves the mission, they enjoy a progressive (and very filling) series of food tastings through the experience. They will not leave hungry after the game!


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