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On this week’s edition of Cheap Eats on radio station Dubai 92, our founder Arva shared the details of the restaurant where we invited fellow food-lovers to share authentic Hyderabadi mutton biryani this Eid.

What’s This Week’s Cheap Eat?

This week Arva spoke about a restaurant that our Instagram community has highly recommended we try — Rumaan Hyderabad Restaurant. They serve popular specialty dishes from Hyderabad, including:

  • mutton biryani paired with raita and mirchi ka salan (chili gravy)
  • khatti daal (soured lentils)
  • chicken 65 (spicy fried chicken)

If you visit on a Saturday or Sunday, we recommend ordering their:

  • mutton marag (a flour-thickened stew) that’s best paired with their house-baked naan
  • mutton haleem (a slow cooked porridge-like delicacy) 

Find Rumaan Hyderabad Restaurant on Google Maps here.

Sneak Peek into Rumaan Hyderabad Restaurant

We organized a special Eid meetup at Rumaan Hyderabad Restaurant for our loyal guests and enthusiastic food lovers. Here are some photos from the event. If you’d like to join our future meet-up events, make sure to sign up for our free VIP pass program here.









Team at Rumaan Hyderabad Restaurant

Tune In

Tune in to the segment using this audio recap or check out the transcript below.



It’s Dubai 92, it is Jono here in the Big Breakfast and it is time to tantalize our taste buds. Arva from Frying Pan Adventures joins us every single week to talk us through someplace where we can go enjoy some beautiful food that’s not going to cost us the sun, moon and stars. Arva, you’ve had a busy Eid, you’ve been out dining around the UAE, what have you got for us this week? 


Alright, when it’s Eid time, everyone has biryani on their minds and we took a couple of recommendations from our online Instagram community and tried a couple of them and one of them was jackpot! And that was Rumaan Hyderabad Restaurant which is near the Deira Clock Tower. And honestly, their biryani and a lot of other specialty dishes that they do on the weekend, these are dishes that you will only usually find in Hyderabad, especially for wedding feasts. They get these dishes spot on at a price that is literally unbelievable. 


So, I have looked through the menu on here and literally, you’re starting off at like 11 dirhams, 10 dirhams for some of the dishes. And I think the most expensive thing I was able to find on there is like the Jumbo Biryani, which is at 70 dirhams. But that’s the most expensive thing. 


Yes! Absolutely. And that’s for five people. So that is the one. What you need to do is you need to gather a pack of people on the weekend and go there and order that jumbo mutton biryani. Chicken biryani is just in my opinion a no-no area but if you have to then, I mean, do it. But really the mutton dum biryani is the way to go, super tender juicy mutton which has completely soaked up the masala.

It comes with four eggs on it as well as little bits of chicken 65 which is this really popular dish in Hyderabad. It’s basically deep-fried chicken, not McNugget nuggets. And it’s got this really interesting orange glow but super spicy covering with sometimes with curry leaves and green chilies and it is so delicious. So they give you all of that for 70 dirhams along with the dips which are your chutneys with basically raita and mirchi ka salan which is a spicy, chili gravy and they do one of the better ones in the city. 

So that for five people, I mean honestly it can actually probably feed six people.


Yeah, that’s a bargain.

That’s about like 12 to 14 dirhams per person. That is nothing. And then they do a lot of other specialty dishes on the weekend. I highly recommend their haleem, which is shockingly good for a restaurant version. It’s only about 15 dirhams. Their mutton marag, which is a bone-in mutton stew that’s been thickened with a little bit of flour is so delicious. And I’ve not found that in any other restaurant. 


Plus they bake the naan. There’s a special kind of fluffy pillowy Hyderabadi naan that these guys are baking on premise. Again, I’ve not seen that at other restaurants and you dump that into the mutton stew.  It is fantastic. You should get a plate of their Chicken 65 just solo on its own. I think that’s about 13 dirhams and it comes along with this delicious khatti dal which is a sour, like a tamarind sour lentils and that was a favorite at the meetup that we did as well.


It is tremendous. Give us the name of the outlet once again. 


It’s called Rumaan Hyderabad Restaurant. It’s near the Deira Clock Tower. They’re opening up one near Karama. I know I rattled off so many different dishes that you have to try. So if you can’t remember all of them, just hit me up on Instagram at Frying Pan Adventures and I will share my list with you.


A delightful one, a perfect one for post-Eid as well. Thank you so much, it’s been a pleasure, will speak to you next Wednesday. 


I look forward to it. Have a scrumptious week ahead guys. 

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