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27th May, 2024

Last Monday, we trialed the food tour we swore we’d never do.

A 4-hour food tour in Dubai Mall.

Tickets just went live here. If you’re nimble, you’ll spot the limited pre-launch deal on the website before the 4 others who might nab it before you do.

The morning after that first tour last week, this message snuck into our inbox from a 9-year Dubai resident who’d joined us at the mall:

“Thank you, you really pulled the rabbit out the hat, who would ever think that mall food would knock your socks off! Bravo and I cannot wait to do it again in July with my kids.Your curation skills are perfection.”

That’s when that skeptical little (but very loud) voice in my head, the same one that always poo poo’d over the very mention of a Dubai Mall Food Tour, finally zipped it.

The idea for this food tour was a joke years ago.

But today we’ve shocked ourselves and done it, in a way that stays true to our spirit of discovery.

We challenged ourselves this year not just because we wanted an indoor experience for the summer (that was a huge part) but because—

11 years in, we wanted to see how far we could push ourselves as curators in a space where all the odds were stacked against everything we’re known for.

It’s not Old Dubai and we may as well be on a different planet. But it’s tested our design skills like no other tour ever has in the past.

I cannot believe I’m admitting this, but this tour has also given me a newfound respect for the homegrown spots in the mall that I didn’t even know existed.

It’s a weekday-only gig for now, Monday to Friday. The goal is to steer clear of the crowds.

But I hear many of you already: you need this to be a weekend brunch tour.

We haven’t figured that out yet, but I’m not going to make the same mistake I did years ago when someone asked us to attempt a Dubai Mall Food Tour. Instead, I’m going to bite my tongue and say—

Never say never.

With my heart in Rafah,


PS. VIP Pass privileges for the Dubai Mall Food Tour will kick in once the early bird deal runs out.

Arva Saleem Ahmed
Founder and Chief Executive Muncher
Frying Pan Adventures



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