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About Philip Juma and Juma Kitchen

In 2012, Philip Juma founded Juma Kitchen in London to showcase his Iraqi culinary heritage to fellow Londoners. His goal was to change the way Iraq was perceived – not through the single narrative of negative political images, but through its flavourful, rich and ancient food culture. Years down the line, Juma Kitchen has earned an incredible reputation for many successful Iraqi culinary pop-up events and Philip Juma has won over many tastebuds with his dolma, masgouf, kibbeh and host of other painstaking, but superbly flavoursome Iraqi dishes.

Philip recently visited Dubai in May 2018; we met over lunch and then sat down to chat about Juma Kitchen, his love for Iraqi food and his plans for bringing the pop-up to Dubai.

Read more about Philip Juma and Juma Kitchen on his website, www.jumakitchen.com and follow him on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter @jumakitchen.

Credits for cover photos:

  • B&W photo by Nina Sarkhel
  • Color photos supplied by Juma Kitchen

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