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This is a special episode of Deep Fried dedicated to Beirut in the aftermath of the explosions on August 4, 2020. We hear from 5 Dubai-based chefs who are behind the Cook for Beirut dinners to raise funds for the Lebanese Red Cross to aid those affected in Beirut.

The 5 chefs that joined us on the show are: Bethany Kehdy (@bethanykehdy), Rita Soueidan (@sweetfixbyrita) Greg Malouf (@gregmaloufchef), Ruby Chaer (@rubychaer) and Mohammad Orfali (@m.orfali).

Special thanks to Marilyn Zakour and Rhea Chadid from Who Run the World podcastfor sharing information on how to support Beirut through the crisis. The link mentioned in the podcast is: https://lebanoncrisis.carrd.co/#donate

Links to Support:

We will continue to add links from the community here in Dubai to support Beirut:



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