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Mooneh with Dima Sharif

Dima Sharif is the author of an encyclopedic Palestinian cookbook, Plated Heirlooms. She talks to us about preserved items for the traditional Arabic pantry, or mooneh. Visit www.dimasharif.com to learn more about Dima, her recipes and her cookbook. Please note that as of June 2022, Dima no longer sells her mooneh online.

Market Munchies

Long time Dubai resident Sara bags up a whole lot of green from the Farmer’s Market in Bay Avenue, Business Bay. Click here to find the market on Google Maps. Instagram: @farmersmarketme.

Georgian Dumplings at Eshak, City Walk

Update: Eshak is sadly permanently closed.

Eshak was a restaurant on City Walk that served Georgian, Uzbek, Armenian, as well as European and Middle Eastern foods. It was our go-to spot for khinkali, juicy soup-filled dumplings from Georgia. On the podcast, we went behind the scenes to watch how they’re made, and then learn how to eat them from Michael, Eshak’s General Manager. 

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