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The granddaughter of a baker who started a Tres Leches dynasty in 1982 in Mexico City now brings her family tradition to Dubai.

Alicia Luna Baeza, a mother of 10 children in Mexico City, learned how to bake from Italian missionaries and then went on to make her own signature tres leches cakes. Her cakes became such a hit in the community, her patrons urged her to start a bakery. 40 bakeries and multiple grandchildren later, 3L Pastelerias has become a third-generation legacy that’s stayed true to late grandmother Alicia’s baking talent and recipe. The bakery has now crossed international borders with granddaughter Liza Silva who has settled in Dubai with her family. Not only is she recreating grandma’s signature tres leches cake layered with strawberries in the City of Gold, she has also developed new variations to satiate local taste buds.

Tune in to the player below to hear Liza Silva and her husband Sassan Khatib-Shahidi talk about what makes an authentic tres leches cake, their family history and how they’ve adapted to the local market on our podcast, Deep Fried. You may find more about 3L Pastelerias in Dubai on Instagram (@3ldubai) or order via WhatsApp at wa.me/971585943319.

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