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We learn the nutritional secrets and top tips for grandma-style bone broth with Hadil Al Khatib, the founder of The Broth Lab.

Hadil Al Khatib is a bone broth evangelist, one who’s personally reaped the benefits of this nutritional and flavor powerhouse in her own life as she struggled with post-partum health issues. Her personal experiences as a new mother coupled with her childhood memories of her grandma infusing bone broth into all their meals eventually led her to founding The Broth Lab, a brand dedicated to producing and packaging high quality, additive-free bone broth—just the way grandma would have made it.

Tune in to our podcast, Deep Fried, using the player below to hear Hadil share her personal journey with bone broth and get tips on how to make and use traditional bone broth in your kitchen. Find The Broth Lab at most major hypermarkets and online through their parent website, roost.ae. You may also connect with them on Instagram (@thebrothlab)

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