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We meet up with the founder of our favourite Palestinian bakery, Mama’esh, to make a piping hot za’atar and cheese manousheh.

Given the recent horrific war through May 2021 in Palestine, we wanted to share an audio story that we had covered at one of the city’s favourite Palestinian bakeries, Mam’aaesh, all the way back in 2017.  We have featured so much from Palestinian culinary culture on our food tours and our podcast that we have an obligation to speak up for the Palestinians at this time, when their cause is being heard more than it ever has been before.

We are re-airing this recording as a sign of our support to keep Palestinian voices alive, loud and clear. Beyond the war and beyond the ceasefire, the undeniable need for Palestinian human rights and freedom is still there. It’s no more urgent than it was in the decades that have lapsed since the catastrophic war in 1948, it’s just that now there’s momentum around the world and thanks to social media, our eyes have seen first hand what conditions the Palestinians live in. This blog post and our podcast episode is dedicated to the 66 Palestinian children who were killed in the recent war and to the many other children who’ve lost a parent or been orphaned entirely, and will undergo unimaginable trauma for the rest of their lives. We cannot—and will never—stop thinking about them. This episode is dedicated to the children of Palestine.

Tune in to enter the kitchens of Mama’esh with the founder Hussam Hasan El Batta and learn about a savoury pastry that every Palestinian child grows up having—za’atar and cheese manousheh. You may find Mama’esh at https://www.mamaesh.com/en/ or on Instagram (@mamaeshme)


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