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We connect with the Godmother of Dubai’s specialty coffee scene, Kim Thompson from RAW Coffee Company.

Inspired by the coffee culture in New Zealand and Australia, Dubai has seen a wave of coffee roasteries and coffee boutiques pop up across the city over the past few years. But all the way back in 2007, many years before the trend got underway, Kiwi expat Kim Thompson had founded RAW Coffee company with the goal of pouring cups of ethically sourced and freshly roasted, premium coffee right here in Dubai.

But you don’t have to be a coffee enthusiast, or even a grab-and-go coffee drinker, to appreciate a good cup of coffee. While the industry is full of confusing terminology and expensive gadgetry, Kim explains that there are a few simple factors—water and coffee grind size being two of them—that can help you brew a coffee that you enjoy. And even if you don’t drink the caffeinated beverage at all, Kim shares why you might want to keep a stash of coffee beans in your pantry (hint: luscious chocolate cake!)

Tune in to hear our chat with Kim Thompson, the founder of RAW Coffee. You may find RAW Coffee at https://rawcoffeecompany.com/ or on Instagram (@rawcoffeecompany), Facebook (rawcoffeecompany) or Twitter (@rawcoffee).

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