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We spoke with Lee, The Kakao Guy, who’s a Filipino entrepreneur that’s brought affordable nama chocolates to Dubai.

Tucked away in Deira, the Old Dubai neighbourhood where the Frying Pan founding sisters grew up and where they still live, is a Filipino chocolatier who has cracked the code on exquisite, melt-in-your-mouth nama chocolates. Originating in Japan, these chocolate ganache squares dusted with cocoa powder make for an essential gifting tradition on Valentine’s Day. Lee experimented with making his own version of this chocolate in Deira, the first neighbourhood he lived in when he moved to Dubai in 2009. Once he perfected the ratio of chocolate to cream to butter, he threw open the virtual doors of his online shop, The Kakao Guy, in 2018.

We are fans of The Kakao Guy’s nama chocolates as well as some of his burnt cheesecakes (the seasonal mango one is superb!), so we invited Lee on the Deep Fried podcast to chat with us about The Kakao Guy, his secret to making an exquisite nama chocolate and other recommendations of what we should be ordering from his shop. Tune in to hear our chat with Lee, the founder of The Kakao Guy, on the Deep Fried Podcast. You may find The Kakao Guy at https://thekakaoguy.com or on Instagram (@thekakaoguy) and Facebook (thekakaoguy).

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