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Chef Alex Stumpf of BB Social Dining fame joined our podcast to tell us about his latest food baby: Soule Soups.

German-born and French-trained Chef Alex Stumpf is the Executive Chef and Co-Founder and BB Social Dining in DIFC, an award-winning restaurant with a Far-Eastern menu that gives the occasional hat tip to our favourite Middle Eastern ingredients. During the pandemic, Chef Stumpf started working on a new delivery concept whose seed had been planted many years ago, by none other than the ruler of Dubai himself. The result was a line of explosively flavourful soups, most of them vegan, that serves the rising wave of health-conscious customers looking for wholesome meal deliveries.

Tune in to hear our chat with Chef Stumpf about how Dubai royalty inspired Soule Soups and how to make your soups extra sexy on the Deep Fried Podcast.If you’d like to order Soule Soups online, head on over to https://linktr.ee/soulesoups and connect with them on Instagram @soulesoups.

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