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Discover 7 unique noodles dishes across 5 authentic restaurants in International City with a Chinese noodle aficionado—a unique bonding experience!

  • Meet a Chinese gastronome and noodle aficionado who will decode the many geographical and cultural influences of Chinese cuisine.
  • Steer away from stereotypes of Chinese take-out and try 7 noodle bowls that native Chinese love to order across 5 different restaurants, from a deconstructed bowl of Cross Bridge noodles to chewy hand-pulled flat noodles licked with chilli sauce.
  • Compare the flavours and diversity of Chinese cuisine and its major influences. We’ll explore the umami flavours of the East, the mellow notes of the Cantonese region, and the hot and spicy flavours of the Sichuan province.
Runs year long.
7 unique noodle dishes.
Carry earphones for the audio system used by our guide.
Minimum age of 14 years recommended. If your child is younger than 14 years, please reach out to us before booking.
Walking only; our stops are located close to one another.
Tastings include Gluten/Lactose/Dairy/Nuts. Not recommended for vegetarians or anyone with serious gluten intolerances. Please notify us of severe allergies.
The tour requires a minimum of 3 guests; we may cancel and refund tickets if the minimum is not met.
Dress comfortably to walk.

Yunan Province
Tuck into a curiously named noodle bowl and learn about how a wife’s desire to cook for her scholarly husband gave birth to this signature dish. (N/M/P/S)

Gansu Province
Slurp on silky hand-pulled noodles immersed in rich broth that have become iconic Chinese fast food. (G/M)

ShaanXi Province
Sample spicy, flat, wide noodles that are hand-pulled into a uniquely satisfying chewy texture. A bowl of cold mung bean noodles will also be featured. (G/N)

Guangdong Province
Cantonese cuisine is, perhaps, the most popular of all the regions of China. Indulge in a chopstick duel with slippery rice noodles folded over shrimps. (N/S)

Sichuan Province
This noodle bowl is not for the faint of palate! Tackle noodles drenched in fiery chili oil and mouth-numbing Sichuan peppercorns. (G/N)

Allergens Key: Contains G-Gluten; D-Dairy; N-Nuts; M-Meat (Beef/Lamb); P-Poultry; F-Fish; S-Shellfish. We regret that there may not be substitutes for dishes. Even if specific dishes do not contain these ingredients, we cannot guarantee against cross-contamination of allergens in the restaurant kitchens.

All prices below include 5% VAT and all the food and water that the guide orders for the group on the tour. Soft beverages are not included.

Ticket Types:

We offer 2 ticket types. The non-refundable ticket may not be changed/refunded for any reason once booked.

On private tours, the flex option may be either (a) rescheduled or (b) partially refunded (70% of total price paid), anytime up to 24 hours before the tour commences. Within 24 hours of the tour start time, no changes are possible on a flex ticket.

Private Tour:

Rates per group based on group size below:

Non-Refundable Option:
2 guests – AED 1722
3 guests – AED 2110.5
4 guests – AED 2373
5 guests – AED 2572.5
6 guests – AED 2614.5
7 guests -AED 2976.76
8 guests – AED 3402
9 guests – AED 3827.25
10 guests – AED 4252.5

Flexible Option:
2 guests – AED 1792
3 guests – AED 2215.5
4 guests – AED 2513
5 guests – AED 2747.5
6 guests – AED 2824.5
7 guests – AED 3221.75
8 guests – AED 3682
9 guests – AED 4142.25
10 guests – AED 4602.5

We meet near our first restaurant stop in International City. Please review your confirmation email closely for meeting point details.

Here’s What Past Guests on This Tour Are Saying

Should I join this tour if I am vegetarian?

We regret this tour is not veggie friendly.

How do I get to the tour?

The metro doesn’t stop in International City, so your best bet is to drive or take a taxi. If you choose to drive, please arrive early as parking sometimes runs out on the weekends.

Do we only walk around and sample food?

Absolutely not! Our walking food tours are immersive experiences that combine food tastings with history, culture and personal stories.

What should I bring with me?

Earphones with a 35mm jack for the portable audio system that helps you hear the guide clearly. You can also purchase these while booking the tour.

Please don’t carry anything too heavy as we will be walking. If you plan to purchase edible souvenirs during the tour, please make sure to carry both cash/your credit card (most, but not all, locations accept credit card).

What if I have dietary restrictions or allergies?

Please be sure to let us know if you (or anyone in your group) have a dietary restriction (e.g. vegetarian, diabetic, allergy, etc.) when you purchase your tickets. In most cases, nuts, lactose and gluten may be in the foods featured on our experiences and there is a risk of cross-contamination. If you have a serious allergy, we recommend contacting us at munch@fryingpanadventures.com prior to purchasing tickets to enable us to advise you if our tours are suitable for you.

Are toilet facilities available on the tour?

Yes, some of the restaurants featured do have toilet facilities.

Is the tour offered in different languages?

Is the tour wheelchair accessible?

Are children allowed?

What do we do in case of bad weather?

The tours are very rarely cancelled due to bad weather. We will email you at least 4 hours prior to the tour should it not be advisable to walk outside due to a thunderstorm or sandstorm; please make sure to check your email if you are aware of bad weather. We also advise you to check weather conditions for your tour and dress appropriately and carry an umbrella if required.

Do I need to purchase tickets in advance?

Yes, advance ticket purchase is required through this website. Our experiences, typically, sell out quickly during the peak season (November to April). To maximize your chances of getting the date, time, and number of tickets you prefer, please book well in advance.

What are the change policies on my booking?

Please review our cancellation policies under our Terms and Conditions here.

Do I need to tip?

Gratuities are always appreciated but are not mandatory.

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