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Featured in the Wharton Magazine: Our Founder’s Story of Pioneering Food Tours in Dubai

“The thought of leaving my father’s business to become a tour guide was as jarring as it was enticing. I had been privileged to graduate from Wharton as an undergrad and then as a submatriculant with my MBA. As the youngest in my graduate cohort, I often felt self-conscious and unworthy — and that feeling of not quite fitting in had lingered through the years. Influenced by the stereotypical stories of investment bankers, high-flying consultants, and C-level leaders, I had an image of what it meant to be a successful Wharton alumnus. “Food explorer” didn’t fit the mold. Would I be wasting my father’s investment in the world’s best education — and, worse, abandoning his business?”

– Wharton Magazine, 2023

Our founder’s story recently got featured in the Wharton Magazine. Arva Ahmed shared her journey of following her passion for food, switching from her post-Wharton corporate life into the wildly delicious path she’s still riding on today.

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