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Visiting Al Habasha Restaurant

If you’d like to visit Al Habasha, we recommend the Hor Al Anz branch (GPS link). Here’s the website if you’d like to check out the other branches. We also love their misir (lentils), atar (peas), key wot (lamb stew), kara mara tibs (lamb or beef with onions and tomatoes, a more dry-style preparation which somewhat resembles jerky). Make sure to order aib (homemade curd cheese) which cools your palate after the hot and sour flavours of the stews. Ambo is an Ethiopian-style soda – highly recommend the lemon-lime flavour!

And if you’d like to try preparing doro wat or other Ethiopian stews at home, you may buy Sara’s berbere spice mix at the restaurant.

References on Ethiopian Food

Seyfu Ketema’s study on Teff grains

Mesob Across America by Harry Kloman (the book and his website)

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