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Eating Locally and Sustainably in the UAE with Sally Prosser

Sally Prosser is respected leader and influencer in the UAE food community. She blogs at mycustardpie.com and is considered a credible voice on social media (her Instagramand Twitter handles are @mycustardpie.com)

Market Munchies

Chirag Desai (Instagram: @chiragnd) shares his weekend plans to BBQ the veg from the local farmer’s market at Bay Avenue in Business Bay. In addition to being a tech guru and a talented cook, Chirag also produces three podcasts under the Coffee and Iced Tea media banner on iTunes. Click here to find the market on Google Maps. Instagram: @farmersmarketme.

Pakistani Katakat at Muhammad Faisal Restaurant

We talk to Ali Singar Bhutto, the owner of Muhammad Faisal Restaurant and learn how to make the famous street food, katakat, from the tawa master, Chef Shaukath Ali. You may find the location on Google maps by clicking here or call them at +971-04-2691900

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Credits for drum beats for Katakat segment in the intro: The War Drums Of Peace by The Marian Circle Drum Brigade on Free Music Archive.

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