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Dr. Colleen Taylor Sen on curry; Andre Gerschel on cauliflower; Chef Ahmed at Bait Al Baghdadi restaurant on Iraqi dolma.

Curry with Dr. Colleen Taylor Sen

Born in Toronto, Dr. Colleen Taylor Sen is a Chicago-Based author and culinary historian, Her articles have appeared in The Chicago Tribune, Travel and Leisure, Food Arts, Yoga International, The Hindu, and other publications. Her books include Food Culture in India; Curry: A Global History; Turmeric: The Wonder Spice; A Guide to Indian Restaurant Menus; Street Food: Everything you Need to Know about Open-air Stands, Carts and Food Trucks Across the Globe (with Bruce Kraig); Feasts and Fasts: A History of Food in India (named one of the best food books of the year by Vogue and The Smithsonian Magazine) and, most recently, The Chicago Food Encyclopedia (with Carol Haddix and Bruce Kraig)

Purchase Curry: A Global History on Macgudys or Amazon.

Market Munchies

Andre Gerschel, Regional Director of Operations at Baker and Spice, shares his recipe on tahina-smothered cauliflower from the Farmer’s Market in Bay Avenue, Business Bay. Click here to find the market on Google Maps. Instagram: @farmersmarketme.

Iraqi Dolma at Bait Al Baghdadi in Sharjah

Chef Ahmed on Iraqi Dolma at Bait Al Baghdadi Restaurant in Sharjah. You may find the location on Google maps by clicking here or call them at +971-6-559-8844.

Credits for research note on the fat Liyya and fat-tailed sheep: Anissa Helou and Charles Perry here.

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