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We’ve resurrected our podcast with a brand new name and a whole new season of content! Click the player below to tune in to our show update or if you’re more of a reader, grab the transcript below.

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Hey guys, I’m Arva Ahmed and thanks for tuning in. After all these months of us going silent on the podcast, I’ve got two updates for you.

First, we’re reviving this show and we’re doing it at a very challenging time. Most of the world is on lockdown right now because of the COVID-19 pandemic. So most importantly, where ever you and your loved ones are, I hope you’re safe, healthy, and staying indoors as much as possible.

So back here in Dubai, we’ve been off the streets, we’ve temporarily pulled back on our walking food tours through old Dubai. And our team really misses interacting with guests from around the world over the foods we love…which is why the timing felt right, right now, to bring this show back online.

It’s going to have a different flavour than it did before. Since we can’t be out exploring the city, we’re getting our favourite explorers—our food tour hosts—to join our digital dining table of sorts and explore questions that showcase foods of the East…the stories, the recipes, the people behind them. Like who came up with falafel first? Or what would our great grannies have cooked in quarantine? Or how many different delicious ways can you play with rice, lentils and onions? Or turmeric…should you be adding it to everything?

Now my second update is that we’re actually changing the name of the show. We’re rebranding it to Deep Fried—and that is not meant to be a morbid pun on the state of affairs around the world now. It’s actually meant to capture the idea that our team is going to use each episode to go deep on a food topic, just the way we like to do on our food tours. If you’ve been on our tours in Dubai, you’ll know that we love geeking out over food, over their stories, the techniques, the people behind them from all over the region…and we want to bring those conversations and the research that we do to you where ever you are.  And the fact that this name won out over a bunch of other options we were considering may or may not have have something to do with the fact that 200% of our team has a really special relationship with deep fried food! Whether its falafels or samosas, some of the best stuff that we’ve found when we’re out exploring the streets is deep fried.

A special shout out to creative geniuses Sourabh Sharma and Mufaddal Hussein for helping us out with our rebrand.

So join us. We’re going to try to get an episode out every Monday…and I’d love for you to tune in to help us keeps these food conversations alive. These are kinds of conversations that we love having with passionate eaters like yourself when you join our food tours out on the streets. You can grab our show on your favourite podcast platform.

So see you then, on our next episode of Deep Fried.



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