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Are you clearing out the depths of your kitchen pantry during the lockdown? If you’re looking for ways to get creative with forgotten spice mixes, then this podcast episode is for you! Our team brainstorms on how to put spice mixes shared by our team and by our listeners to good use with simple practical ideas that you can whip up in your kitchen. Spices covered on this episode include sambar masala, chana masala, Iranian herbs and flowers, Nepalese timur, Alishan wasabi salt pepper and Taiwanese sweet-spicy ginger. You can find Arti’s spice blends mentioned on the podcast at heartigrub.com. Special thanks to our spice queens: Stephanie (@everydayfeasts), Farida (@faridaa), Noorin (@noogoopoo)  and our listeners who let us peek into their spice cabinets: Joe Hepworth, Sally Prosser (@mycustardpie) and Richa (@richa64). Click the player below to tune in.

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