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Since we can’t step out to feast on the streets of Dubai right now, we’re reconnecting with our favourite foods and restaurants in the safety of our own homes. Our food tour hosts—Farida (@faridaa), Nahla (@nahlatabbaa) and Tanya (@tanyarehman)—share the dishes they’re getting delivered home right now to cure the lockdown blues. Click the player below to tune in.

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We’ve also shared the names of the dishes and restaurants shared over the podcast below. Please support our local restaurants by calling them to order direct rather than using a delivery app that takes a huge cut. If you’re looking for more options to order direct and help the restaurant community, please visit deliverdxb.com.

Please note that any information shared about home deliveries was valid as of the date of airing the podcast (April 6th, 2020). This may change due to the evolving situation and restrictions around COVID-19.


South Indian food on our Little India on a Plate food tour. Credits: Sheban Naim

Restaurant: Sangeetha Vegetarian Restaurant

GPS location:https://goo.gl/maps/L6PTAxm3gsktagUu8

Multiple branches?: Yes – Bur Dubai, Karama and Al Qusais

Tanya’s go-to order: Idli sambar, vada sambar, ghee roast dosa

Phone number for Bur Dubai: 04-351-1145

Delivery details: They each deliver around their respective vicinity. Timings 7:30am to 3pm and 6pm to 10pm (subject to change). Minimum order seems to be AED 10.

Pro tips: Extra Sambar which can be eaten with rice later!


Iranian Kebabs on our Dubai Souks and Creekside Food Walk. Photo credits: Mohamed Somji

Restaurant: Al Ustad Special Kebab

GPS location: https://goo.gl/maps/Ey85Tp1xzCqEtG4c7

Multiple branches? No – just in Bur Dubai

Your go-to order: Kebab koobideh (goat) with rice, ash-e-jow (soup)

Phone number: 04-397-1933

Delivery details: They deliver around their respective vicinity but for larger orders can venture out. Timings are 11am to 8pm (subject to change). Minimum order seems to be AED 40 – 50.

Pro tips: Extra butter and yoghurt to eat on the side.


A traditional meal from Al Tawasol Restaurant which used to be featured on our Middle Eastern Food Pilgrimage. Photo credits: Mohamed Somji

Restaurant: Al Tawasol

GPS location: They only do delivery from a central kitchen, no restaurant location currently. Kitchen located in Nad Al Sheba.

Your go-to order: Madfoon Meat, Bukhary rice, potato gravy, extra daqoos

Phone number: 04-295-9797, 050-253-2010

Delivery details: Deliver for free in Deira, but AED 5-20 delivery charge to anywhere else. Min order AED 100. Please note that they take a while to deliver so make sure to place your order at least 90 minutes in advance. This food fares well if reheated so it’s best to order and have it ready before you fall apart with hunger.

Pro tips: Ask for extra daqoos (sauce).


Qwaider Al Nabulsi on our Middle Eastern Food Pilgrimage. Photo credits: Glen Pearson

Restaurant: Al Quwaider Al Nabulsi

GPS location: https://bit.ly/2X8a6UQ

Your go-to order: Freekeh with chicken, hummus, chicken on charcoal, knafeh nabulsiyeh.

Phone number: 04-227-7760, 04-228-3339

Delivery details: Deliver all over Dubai with no minimum order.

Pro tips: Turn your leftover freekeh into a fatteh (shred the chicken, add a dollop of yoghurt and crispy pita bread) or a soup (shred the chicken and mix with freekeh, heat with broth or hot water).


Sind Punjab chicken tikka on our Little India on a Plate food tour.

Restaurant: Sind Punjab

GPS location: Bur Dubai https://goo.gl/maps/xZKtaWQeE7ingr4C9

Multiple branches?: Yes, Bur Dubai & Karama

Your go-to order: Chicken tikka, butter chicken, chana masala, laccha paratha, paneer tikka, sugar cane juice. 

Phone number: Bur Dubai: 04-352-6114, 04-352-5058 

Delivery details: 

  • To Deira: AED 100 – 115 minimum order
  • Karama and surrounding areas: AED  50 – 60 minimum order
  • New Dubai: AED 150+

Pro tips: The paratha is best re-heated in a toaster oven or in a skillet to ensure that the flaky, moist layers remain intact. Ensure that lime is squeezed over chicken tikka for maximum flavor.  


Group B

Restaurant: Al Amoor

GPS location: Rigga (Deira branch) – https://goo.gl/maps/4nksnLyaBKnMEpN38

Multiple branches? Yes, Rigga, Hor al Anz, Karama, Barsha, Sheikh Zayed road, Discovery Gardens.

Your go-to order: Basturma feteer, koshary, falafels.  

Phone number: Rigga: 04-250-0115

Delivery details: Minimum order should be AED 20 and above for all branches.

Pro tips: Order the basturma feteer with roomi cheese instead of cream cheese. To reheat it, either use a toaster oven, regular oven or a skillet. Ask for koshary spicy sauce or shatta on the side. Falafels should also be reheated in a toaster oven or regular oven.



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