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The iconic blue and red bag of Chips Oman is one of the most nostalgic treats of locals who’ve grown up in the Gulf. On our Dubai Souks and Creekside Food Walk, we  feature a mash-up omelet and cheese roll stuffed with crushed Chips Oman—delicious! These spicy potato crisps have found their way into everything from slushies to sushi (a bit concerning?!).

If you want to understand what the spicy crisp craze is all about, then tune in using the player below to catch the episode of the Deep Fried podcast with Chips Oman devotees on our team: our GM and Food Tour Guide Farida Ahmed (@faridaa) and our Eating Designer Mufaddal Husein (@mufaddal.husein).

Want more of our scrumptious podcast episodes? Feast on our main podcast page here!

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